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شرق أوسط جديد



By Muatz Abu-Saleh
Directed by Bashar Murkus
Khashabi Theatre and Oyoun Theatre
Premiere 02 July 2013 Acre.

A masked soldier buries a woman while she is still alive. Who is he? Who is she? We might know or we might not. This burial of the woman may be equally confusing for both the audience and the two characters on stage.
However, in spite of the cruelty of this act, there is a space for a tragicomic dialogue between the two characters. In a certaincountry a soldier is fulfilling his duty and a woman is fulfilling her role as a victim
that ought to be buried for a reason she doesn’t know. Yet, we know that they come from two conflicting groups.
Will the soldier be unmasked?



Text by |Motaz Abu-Saleh

Direction and Dramaturgy |Bashar Murkus  

With | Amal Qais-Abu Saleh, Henry Andrawes  

Scenography | Majdala Khoury

Music | Terez Sliman, Yazan Ibraheem 

Graphic Design | Nihad Awidat

Translation | Lore Baeten

International tours | as is presenting arts
Produced by  | Khashabi Theatre and Oyoun Theatre 2013
Producer | Khulood Basel

In Arabic with surtitles.
Duration: 60 min




05.05.2017 | deSingel, Antwerpen, Belgium 

03.05.2017 | C-Mine Cultuurcentrum, Genk, Belgium 

02.05.2017 | Kaaitheater, Brussels, Belgium 

28.04.2017 | Arsenaal/Lazarus, Mechelen, Belgium 

03.04.2016 | ABBEY THEATRE, Dublin, Irland 
02.04.2016 | ABBEY THEATRE, Dublin, Irland 

01.04.2016 | ABBEY THEATRE, Dublin, Irland 
30.03.2016 | ABBEY THEATRE, Dublin, Irland 

14.11.2015 | Khashai Theatre, Haifa 

11.11.2015 | Khashai Theatre, Haifa  

10.11.2015 | Khashai Theatre, Haifa  

07.11.2015 | Khashai Theatre, Haifa  

06.11.2015 | Khashai Theatre, Haifa 

05.11.2015 | Khashai Theatre, Haifa 
03.04.2015 | KVS, Brussels, Belgium  

04.04.2015 | KVS, Brussels, Belgium 

20.07.2013 | Al-Midan Theatre 

19.07.2013 | Al-Midan Theatre 

15.07.2013 | Oyoun Theatre, Majdal shams 

14.07.2013 | Oyoun Theatre, Majdal shams 

13.07.2013 | Oyoun Theatre, Majdal shams 

12.07.2013 | Oyoun Theatre, Majdal shams 
11.07.2013 | Oyoun Theatre, Majdal shams 
10.07.2013 | Oyoun Theatre, Majdal shams 
04.07.2013 | Masrahed Festival, Acre  
03.07.2013 | Masrahed Festival, Acre  
02.07.2013 | Masrahed Festival, Acre (World Premiere)



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