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طرق مالحة



By Bashar Murkus

Premiere 10 January 2019 

Danish version - Mungo Park Theatre 2021


Three children killed in the sea, drowned on their journey to a “better future”. They refuse to let their corpses resurface. Dead as they are, they deny to follow basic physical, social and political rules that they have had to learn despite their short lives. In the depth of the seafloor they encounter the audience with a furious lecture on learning and education. Is there a point in being a good child in a bad world?

In the eighth edition of the Myths of Reality series, Palestinian director Bashar Murkus and his team investigate the sea as a source of yesterday's and today's mythologies. Not only religious and romantic stories emerged from the sea. Since ancient times, their shores have also been the place for political debates about borders, homelands and divisions.
Moses parted the sea, Jesus walked on water and the three children are stuck on the ocean floor.

Written and Directed by | Bashar Murkus

Scenography | Majdala Khoury

Dramaturgy | Rebecca Ajnwojner

Music composition | Faraj Suleiman

With| Maryam Abu Khaled, Karim Daoud, Shaden Kanboura

Translation/Dramaturgical Co-Work| Christopher-Fares Köhle

Photos by |  Langkafel MAIFOT





SALTY ROADS / Danish version

05.01.2021 | Mungo Park, Lillerød, Denmark

06.01.2021 | Mungo Park, Lillerød, Denmark

08.01.2021 | Odense, Denmark 

09.01.2021 | Odense, Denmark

05.02.2020 | Studio Я | MAXIM GORKI THEATRE, Berlin

03.02.2019 | Studio Я | MAXIM GORKI THEATRE, Berlin

02.02.2019 | Studio Я | MAXIM GORKI THEATRE, Berlin

11.01.2019 | Studio Я | MAXIM GORKI THEATRE, Berlin

10.01.2019 | Studio Я | MAXIM GORKI THEATRE, Berlin (World Premiere) 

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