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(on tour) He was sentenced to death by lethal injection, after committing a mass shooting in a museum of contemporary art. 49 children and their teacher were killed. His original plan, to be killed by the police inside the museum, has failed. He was arrested, interrogated, and sentenced to death. For the execution to be carried out, he had to wait for seven years.

A week before the execution, he insists on meeting the detective who investigated his case. He convinces him to be the last person he meets and to join him for his last supper.

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(on tour) A theatrical work for one lonely actor.
The story of a body getting larger in a tiny room.

Have you ever wondered what might happen if a person stopped doing? If they simply stayed where they were? Would they keep growing? Or become rooted to the spot? What would happen to their memories, their future—and their present? HASH attempts to answer these questions by observing a person so immobilised by fear that venturing outside has become impossible.

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(on tour) Three children killed in the sea, drowned on their journey to a “better future”. They refuse to let their corpses resurface. Dead as they are, they deny to follow basic physical, social and political rules that they have had to learn despite their short lives. In the depth of the seafloor they encounter the audience with a furious lecture on learning and education. Is there a point in being a good child in a bad world?


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Setting out to research the meaning of identity, they ended up researching Diaspora. How did diaspora become an identity?

Small moments, directions, closed and open roads, the visible and invisible, lines drawn between points on the map, between the soul and  the memory, these junctures are carved by Diaspora.



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A masked soldier buries a woman while she is still alive. Who is he? Who is she? We might know or we might not. This burial of the woman may be equally confusing for both the audience and the two characters on stage.However, in spite of the cruelty of this act, there is a space for a tragicomic dialogue between the two characters. In a certaincountry a soldier is fulfilling his duty and a woman is fulfilling her role as a victimthat ought to be buried for a reason she doesn’t know. Yet, we know that they come from two conflicting groups.Will the soldier be unmasked?


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